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Through this Code of Ethics, Gil Sertissage agrees to observe a set of principles and simple rules. This Charter provides guidance for all Gil Sertissage employees regardless of culture or the geographic region they come from. This Code is not intended to replace federal laws or regulations whether European or International, its aim is to encourage respect.
Gil Sertissage invites all employees to use their own judgement and common sense in all situations where the provisions of the law or those of good practice seem blurred. Gil Sertissage encourages its employees to ask their managers for help and guidance in such situations.

1. Gil Sertissage is committed to conducting its business in an ethical manner, to ensure integrity, transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
2. The duty of discretion and intellectual property, professional confidentiality as regards processes, plans and know-how that bind us to our customers and stakeholders, must be strictly observed.
3. Regarding private aspects of employees and to ensure their proper development within the company, Gil Sertissage agrees to comply strictly with privacy and data confidentiality.
4. Gil Sertissage prohibits any kind of fraud, defined as “any intentional act or omission to deceive others, which results in a loss for the victim and/or a gain for the perpetrator”.
Gil Sertissage also prohibits any act of corruption, including bribes, illegal gratuities and extortion when conducting its business, whose aim is to:
- offer, promise or give financial or other benefit to a person, to induce or reward a breach of duties
- request, agree to receive or accept a financial or other benefit, in return for or as a reward for a breach of duties
These rules, adopted by the OCDE Council, apply to all company employees.

5. Gil Sertissage fights money laundering (in compliance with AML regulations) and the funding of terrorism. In this context, a good knowledge of the stakeholders and settlement of transactions by bank transfer are mandatory to best avoid this kind of situation.
6. We comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the voluntary World Diamond Council warranty system, established to end the trade in “Blood Diamonds”. We go to great lengths to find out accurate information on the characteristics of the diamonds entrusted to us on delivery to our customers.
7. Gil Sertissage adheres to the principle of responsible sourcing of gold, tungsten, tantalum and tin (Dodd-Frank Act) and requires its suppliers to ensure that the method of extraction of gold and tungsten supplied to us respects human rights, and to the fullest extent possible, does not harm the environment.
8. The Management takes all reasonable measures to ensure the physical well being of its staff, and product safety.

9. 9. Gil Sertissage believes in fundamental human rights and the dignity of the individual as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and we respect these rights.
10. Gil Sertissage does not tolerate child labour.
11. Gil Sertissage does not tolerate either the use of forced labour or obstruction to the freedom of movement of employees and their dependents.
12. Gil Sertissage undertakes to comply with the highest standards in Health and Safety in our business activity and will put in place the means to achieve them.
13. The Management does not prevent workers to freely associate with each other. Employees have the freedom to join the union of their choice.
14. Gil Sertissage prohibits discrimination based on race, ethnicity, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, marital status, physical appearance, age or anything else prohibited by law.
15. Under no circumstances do we allow corporal punishment. The use of any degrading treatment, harassment, abuse, coercion or intimidation, in whatever form, is prohibited.
16. We make sure working hours and compensation for all employees comply with the laws and collective agreements we subscribe to.

17. Gil Sertissage undertakes to conduct its business in an environmentally responsible way.
18. The company is changing its environmental footprint by minimising or dealing with negative environmental impacts that may result from the conduct of its business activity.
19. Gil Sertissage has set up an EHS committee (Environmental, Health and Safety at Work) to look for alternative solutions to chemicals, or where appropriate, minimise their use.
20. Gil Sertissage aims to have better control over its impact on the environment. The Management seeks solutions for efficient use of water and energy resources.
21. Gil Sertissage seeks efficiency in its activities through responsible management of waste such as cardboard, paper, PET bottles, coffee capsules, computer equipment, iron, aluminium, tungsten carbide and the chemical products that are used.

Health and Safety
22. Our employees are informed of basic hygiene rules (hand-washing, clean overalls, hygiene of premises).
23. We advise our employees on the risks of accidents at work and occupational diseases. Designated employees are trained to provide this information.
24. Gil Sertissage takes all necessary precautions in our workshops, in terms of health and safety for pregnant women.
25. Our employees receive training in repetitive manual work. The company provides employees with an ergonomic work place suited to their anatomy, which enables them to perform their work in optimum safety conditions.
26. Our employees receive training in fire safety, ranging from emergency first-aid to evacuation exercises for the entire company.
27. The use of machines and tools must comply with the safety instructions received on joining the company.
28. As regards chemicals, employees must be vigilant and follow the instructions on handling, use and storage.
29. The company provides free PPE for handling and using materials and chemicals.
30. The EHS Committee shall periodically conduct risk analysis of accidents in the work place and health and safety risk analysis, to ensure the safety of all.
A Pleasant Working Environment
31. Gil Sertissage promotes a pleasant working atmosphere and is investing to provide pleasant relaxation areas for our staff.
32. The Management encourages the professional development of every employee, and offers the chance of vocational training at relevant centres.
33. Gil Sertissage prohibits bullying, violence, sexual harassment, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, by systematically taking disciplinary action against the staff member concerned.
34. Gil Sertissage premises are laid out according to safety rules: first-aid kits, fire extinguishers and emergency exit signs are visible on the various evacuation plans.
35. The Management is responsible for cleaning and regular inspection of the premises, machines and tools.
36. Gil Sertissage undertakes to observe high standards of Health and Safety in all our business activities.

The Management

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